Freelance science communicator working to change the perception of science and scientists for the better, one tweet at the time.

           I’m an ex-researcher in Neuroscience but I always had communication in my heart. I did a PhD in Paris and 8 years of research in London during which I founded the Pint of Science festival in France and realised that I loved research but I'm even more passionate about communicating science. 

I left the lab in 2017 to help scientists share their fascinating stories the best way possible and spread the love of science to the public. My mission? Make science accessible to everyone, everywhere!

I added 18 new countries to the Pint of Science Festival map, I gave many trainings with Adoc Talent management and Agent Majeur and talks, I've done some science communication consulting but also worked on new projects like on the Moon again.

Contact me to discuss Science communication at!

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