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Freelance missions/clients

Since 2017 I am the international director for the Pint of Science festival, but I also do some science communication freelancing.
Here are the types of missions I'm doing and the clients that I worked for. 
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Science communication trainings 

I specialised in science communication trainings for scientists.

  • How to dialogue with different audiences 

  • How to pitch your research in 3 min, 

  • How to use social media 

  • How to create a podcast. 

I've done it for a range of clients, from universities to private companies mostly in English but also in French.

I create engaging trainings on demand depending on the needs of the institution with a goal in mind : change the way the trainees will communicate on the long term with lay audiences but also with scientists from other fields.  I try to spark a long lasting interest for science communication.

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Hosting and moderation of science events

I have moderated and hosted online and in-person events for a wide range of clients. From the comfort of home to theatre rooms with 1000 attendees, I'm happily crafting the ambiance and the event with you to spend the best moment possible for the audience and the participants.
Hosting science events is one of the first things I did when I started science communication, by hosting Pint of Science events and I take an immense pleasure being the link between participants and the public and making sure the spotlights are on the brillant scientists and amazing science!
I also hosted and moderated (and played) in some science videos and webinars!
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Science podcasts creation, production,voice over

Podcasts are a great way to share science and stories. In the middle of the pandemic, I created my own podcasts (Sous la blouse, Under the labcoat and Scimple) that I update when I find the time.
I really loved making them and started do the same for clients.
If you don't have a clear idea of what you want I can help you decide and even guide you through the making if you want to make it yourself.
If you know what kind of podcast you would like to create I can help you with all the steps (or do it myself if you need) from the conception to the online promotion. 
In summer 2023 I also did a science communication video voice over, something I really enjoyed as well!
Here is a list of all the podcasts episodes I have created or appeared on as a guest or as a voice actor. 
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Science communication consulting

I provide consulting services for various aspects of science communication. Whether it's planning events, strategizing social media, shaping science communication plans, or managing the logistics of online events, I'm here to help. I've also collaborated with Hindawi, a science publisher, on editing a science communication guide.
My goal is to make science engaging and understandable for everyone, sharing my expertise to ensure successful communication. Contact me to discuss your projets!

Volunteer projects

Pint of Science France| Founder and Director

I founded Pint of Science France in 2014 and I've been directing it ever since.

The first edition was held in 3 cities and attracted almost 1000 attendees, this May 2019 Pint of Science was in 53 cities, reaching a total of 14 000 attendees. 

My missions are very diverse and changed over the years and the size of the festival.

I oversee national organisation, communication, sponsorship and promotion of the festival.

On the Moon Again | Coordination committee

I'm part of the organisation committee for On the Moon Again. The event On the Moon Again invited telescopes owners to go in the streets with it and offer passers-by to observe the Moon. For its first edition in July 2019, more than 1400 events in 70 countries took place. So many people observing the Moon around the globe the same night ! In 2021, on top of the in-person event we organised a 24h live show on Youtube about the Moon: The Lunar Marathon.

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